Mission and Purpose

The purpose of the Iowa Valley Food Cooperative is to increase the resiliency of the local food system in Eastern Iowa by developing the market, increasing the sale, and building the infrastructure for fresh, fairly-priced, sustainably produced food in our local region.

In addition, Iowa Valley Food Cooperative exists to support and develop existing local producers; to support and develop new farmers, including non-traditional farmers such as urban farmers; and convert more acreage to regional food production. The cooperative seeks to build linkages, partnerships and business relationships with other sustainable, local and regional food system participants.

Iowa Valley Food Cooperative prefers to provide sustainably produced products from its members, to its members; and to partner with other consumers, producers, cooperatives and businesses that share similar goals.

Terms of Service

  1. The Iowa Valley Food Cooperative strives to be a business that is financially viable, environmentally sustainable, and socially just.
  2. Membership in the Iowa Valley Food Cooperative is $75 for producers and $25 for consumers. In addition, an annual fee of $10 is required to help defray administrative expenses of the cooperative.
  3. The cooperative collects a handling fee of 10% from both farmers and consumers on each transaction. For example, when a farmer sells $100 worth of product through the cooperative, a fee of $10 is subtracted from their payment; and when a consumer buys $100 worth of product through the cooperative, a fee of $10 is added to their invoice.
  4. Volunteer labor runs the cooperative. Please consider volunteering your time to help the cooperative grow and prosper.
  5. Every member of the cooperative is eligible to buy products from, and sell products to, every other member; as long as the producer meets the cooperative’s Producer Guidelines and has been approved as a vendor.
  6. Producers must fully disclose the practices used to raise livestock and grow crops to other members of the cooperative. In this way consumer members can make informed purchasing decisions about producers and products offered. Full disclosure of growing, farming and production practices forms the basis of trust between the producer and consumer members of the cooperative.
  7. Producers may only sell products they themselves have grown, processed or crafted. A producer may not buy wholesale from someone else and then retail the product through the Iowa Valley Food Cooperative.
  8. Producer members may only sell value-added products that they themselves make. Purchasing ingredients for value added products is permitted. Value-added products must use as many ingredients as possible produced by the member, or purchased from Iowa farmers. Simply changing the form in which the product is offered for sale, such as repackaging into a smaller size, does not add value and is not permitted.
  9. Every producer member is responsible to know and be in compliance with all appropriate federal, state and local inspections, licenses, statutes and ordinances.
  10. Each order is a legally enforceable contract to pick up and pay for the products ordered, unless the products are damaged or broken. An order is automatically created when the order window closes. At that point everything in the consumers’ online shopping basket becomes part of their order. Items can be removed or added up to the close of the order window. Ordering windows will be pre-determined and publicized to all members.
  11. Members are responsible for dropping off product and picking up their orders during the times specified. Distribution locations and times will be pre-determined and publicized to all members.
  12. Members are responsible for ensuring they receive all items ordered and for carefully checking their invoices. All orders must be paid for before members leave the pickup site. Prompt payment is a condition of membership.