Iowa Choice Harvest, LLC
City: Marshalltown, IA, 50158
Email Address:
Phone: 515-232-1344
About Us
Iowa Choice Harvest LLC formed in 2013 with 24 member owners. 60% of our member owners are Iowa producers and 40% are Iowa non-producers. Our mission is to connect our customers with earth-conscious Iowa farmers who grow high-quality fruits and vegetable. Our plant is located in Marshalltown, Iowa and we began processing sweet corn in August. Our company purchases crops from Iowa farmers at their peak of ripeness and then flash freezes it to maintain the highest quality taste possible. Our sweet corn this year was harvested and frozen on the same day.

CONTACT: pbrownhuber@iowachoiceharvest
Our producers may use integrated pest management practices on their farms. We do not add any additives or ingredients to our products at the time of freezing.