Daily Bread Bakery
Address: 815 N. Roan St. PO Box 31 Algona, IA, 50511
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Phone: 515-395-3387
About Us
We are certified organic and grind our own grain just before mixing. We are a family business and are also very green conscious. Our little micro bakery is inspected and certified. All of our breads come sliced and ready to use. We do not use any preservatives or artificial ingredients. We use a yeast made in Iowa and we use a salt from an Iowa company as well. We are always looking for more Iowa businesses to supply our organic needs. Our breads have won many awards and we are proud to share them with your family.

We are certified organic and use all the practices that go along with their rules. We really believe in good green practices, local, and community. Yes, we use all 100% whole grains for our products and create wonderful breads, granola, and more because of this.