Zaza's Pastas, LLC
Contact: Julie Parisi
Address: 1100 3rd St. SE Cedar Rapids, IA, 52403
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About Us
Zaza's Pastas was started by Julie Parisi 5 years ago at the Iowa City farmer's market. Growing up in her grandmother's kitchen, Julie was able to learn the traditional way of making delicious Italian food. Many of the products we make are made in the same fashion Julie's grandmother taught her. It is important to hold on to tradition and making things by hand is one way we do that.

Where does the name Zaza come in? While nannying her nephew, Roman, in San Francisco, Julie gained a new nickname. She was trying to teach him to say aunt in Italian which is "zia". The only thing Roman could manage to get out time and time again was "Zaza". That became the new name and, boy, did it stick!