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About Us
The Doty Angus Cattle Company is owned and operated by Daryl and Melissa Doty. We have one daughter Madelynn and one son Jack and another on the way in October. They are only 3 and 2 but already love owning and working with the cattle.We are third generation farmers on our family farm. My grandfather purchased the farm and my father grew up on it. I am in charge of caring for the cattle and my wife is in charge of sales and marketing. But as many small business, we both do whatever it takes to get everything done. We operate a small registered Angus cow/calf herd which allows us to tend to each animal on a personal level. Our animals are fed to attain a high quality grade, and then processed to the consumers individual specifications. We are currently working with two USDA inspected lockers, Dayton Meats in Malcom, IA and Amend Packing Company in Des Moines, IA. The meat is aged and packaged to await pickup or delivery to you.

The Doty Angus Cattle Company offers farm raised Black Angus freezer beef with no added hormones, steroids or antibiotics. Our calves are born & raised on our farm, and finished out on our strict management and feeding programs which include hay, corn and silage. We utilize the best genetics in the Angus Breed and select fathers and mothers based on their beef values for tenderness, marbling, flavor and ribeye size as well as growth and birth weights. Cows and calves graze on grass in the summer and spend the winter months eating forages grown in the summer. We calve in April and September to give us a constant year around supply of beef for our customers. We sell quarters, halves, and whole beef processed to our customer specifications and delivered to thier freezer. We also sell pre-packaged bundles or made to order bundles as well as individual packages. We also have gift boxes, or Christmas boxes and ship anywhere in the USA. We are focused on delivering the safest, highest quality, aged beef at an affordable price. We have an open door policy to any of our customers to come visit our farm, and or lockers and know how your beef is raised. We want our customers to know the farmer who raises their food.