Ebersole Cattle Co
Contact: Shanen & Beau Ebersole
Address: 1935 280 Ave Kellerton, Ia, 50133
Email Address:
Phone: 515-971-8462
About Us
We are a small family ranch raising kids, cattle & quarter horses. We raise purebred Maine Anjou Cattle. All of our animals are born & raised their entire lives on our ranch. We raise both 100% Grassfed Beef & Pastured Beef. We do everything naturally here. We don't use any pesticides on our pastures. We never use any hormones or antibiotics in our cattle. We also work all our animals horseback the old fashioned way too. Another area we pay attention to is the use of tractors on our ranch. We let the cows harvest most of their own winter food too by using stockpiled grass. If you ever have any questions about our ranch & the way we raise our cattle, don't hesitate to call! We love sharing our passion for our cattle with our customers! ~ Shanen

We do everything naturally. No hormones or antibiotics in our cattle. No pesticides or chemicals on our pastures. Everything is BORN & raised on OUR ranch.