Lucky George Farm
Contact: Jason & Angela Johnson
City: Derby, IA,
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Phone: 515-650-7644
About Us
We moved from the city to the country in 2013 to create a new future for our family. Lucky George Farm is our little patch of Grace where our family works to make the world a better place. Our family consists of Dad (Jason), Mom (Angela), 20 year old daughter at UNI (Sidne), 11 year old daughter (Rian), 10 year old daughter (Harrisen), 8 year old son (Ari), 4 year old daughter (Fremont), and 2 year old daughter (Wallace). We wanted better food for our family where we knew exactly how it was grown and what went into it before it hit our plate.

We have reclaimed a forgotten farm in the southwest corner of Lucas County. Just 20 acres of land outside of Derby, IA where we are raising our children and creating a future for them. Lucky George Farm is a small conservancy farm where we raise a critically endangered breed of pig called the Large Black. They are beautiful, loving, great mothers, docile, and wonderful to raise because they are the kind of family pig that people used to have on their own small homesteads centuries ago. Our pigs are grazers taking Iowa grasses and converting it into deep red meat with amazing marbling that give them an exquisite flavor.

We also raise a variety of Heritage breed chickens, Milking Devon cows, rabbit, meat goats, Angora goats, quail,and ducks on the farm. We look to preserve species that have fell out of favor due to factory farming and industrial food practices. Going back to outdoor farming where livestock is nurtured on grass, in the sun, and running in multi-species herds is the essence of our farm.
As part of our "use the whole animal" philosophy we take the lard from our Large Black pigs and use traditional soapmaking methods to create our Lard & Lye soaps. When available (we are seasonal consumers) we incorporate local grower produce, herbs, milk, and honey into our soaps. They are not heavily scented as we do not add synthetic fragrance oils to our soaps. We prefer to use only essential oils in our soaps and each one used in the bar is listed on the label.

For us, we wanted to make soap in a very traditional manner using what was available in Nature and in our local area as much as possible. We make each bar as part of a small batch at our farm so each recipe produces no more than 20 bars of a particular kind of soap. This allows us to keep an ever changing lineup of products available for sale and use our creative talents to keep adding new recipes according to the seasonal cycles.

You will not find Palm Oil or Palm Kernal Oil in any of our soaps. We do not believe in using these products (even as "ethically sourced") due to the damage caused in their harvest to the environment, indigenous people and wildlife. The use of these oils would go against our purposeful farming lives of wanting to live small, local, and without negatively impacting our planet for future generations.

Additional Information
Our pork comes exclusively from our pasture raised Large Black pigs. They are a critically endangered heritage breed and are very dear to us. They are wonderful animals to raise outdoors in our hands off natural farming way.

These are truly amazing animals when it comes to the taste of their meat. Full body, succulent, and juicy meat is the result of their natural ability to convert grass and low calorie forage into deep red muscle and chalk white fat. This is the type of fat you EAT! As you decide on your dinner choices know that when you buy pork from Lucky George Farm it is 100% Large Black pig and not a crossbred one. You are getting the full natural flavor that the people of Great Britain have enjoyed since the 1600s.

As members of the British Pig Association it is important that Consumers know where their heritage pork comes from, how it is raised, and its authenticity. Be assured you are eating the genuine article and some of the best pork available in the world. Award Winning pork raised traditionally in the rolling hills of southern Iowa. 2015-Winner Cochon 555, Minneapolis MN, and 2015 Winner - National Grand Cochon, Snowmass/Aspen, CO. Please visit our website or Facebook page to find out more about us and our conservancy farm!