Old School Produce Company
Address: 201 w 4th st Vinton, IA, 52349
Email Address:
Phone: 319-929-1993
About Us
The Old School Produce Company is located in Vinton in an old abandoned school yard/football field. We practice Sustainable Agriculture Techniques utilizing raised bed/plastic mulch; high tunnels for season extending; and hydroponics for year round production of Salad Bar items.

At the Old school Produce Company we use state of the art farming techniques employing Sustainable Agriculture Practices that utilize minimal synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and water. Raised beds with plastic mulch and drip irrigation increase yields and control weeds and water usage.
Quality, safety and sanitation are our priorities:
• Six foot high chain link fence and padlocked gates keep out large animals
• GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) followed
• Regularly sanitized Stainless Steel wash station
• Minimal use of pesticides: no fungicides; no herbicides; organic insecticides used if available.