Rehberg's Pork & Shrimp
Contact: Denny and Lea Rehberg
Address: 3186 Michel Avenue Walker, IA, 52352
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Phone: 563-608-1840
About Us
Rehberg's Pork & Shrimp is run by Dennis and Lea Rehberg with their three sons Mike, Daniel, and Matthew. Our farm is located near Walker, Iowa in Northern Linn County. We are currently 5th Generation farmers in the area, with over 40 years of experience in hog production. We Raise Purebred Hampshire hogs with the oldest genetics in North America. Their newest genetics are from 1985 and range all the way back to the early 1960's. These hogs were very widely used in this time, and were well known for their excellent meat quality. This pork quality was normal before the corporate confinement operations took over. We take great pride in having the opportunity to preserve these genetics and provide you with quality pork. By preserving these genetics we can guarantee the pork that you bought from us in the past would be the same quality today and will have that same quality in the future.

Rehbergs Shrimp Farm was established Dec. 2014. Owners Denny and Lea Rehberg, together they share the management of the farm from raising the shrimp to marketing them. Their son Matt is also a big part of the Daily Farm Chores.

All of our Pigs are raised in open air buildings with complete access to the outdoors at all times. No antibiotics are used on any of our pigs. Also, They are fed an all vegetarian diet. We grow and use Non GMO corn, soybeans, and oats.

Shrimp are raised in salt water tanks free of pollution and antibiotics. When they are harvested the delivered within hours or minutes depending on distance from the farm.

Antibiotic Free
Pollution Free
Fresh whole Shrimp approx. 16 count per pound
Never Frozen
Sold by 1 pound packages