Green's Organics
Address: 16859 290th Street Conrad, IA, 50621
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Phone: 641-751-6706
About Us
My name is Devan Green, I created the company Green's Organics in 2004. Green's Organics is a family farm located north of Conrad Iowa. In establishing this farm I wanted to focus on niche production, primary of market or meat enterprises, focused on pork production. Utilizing a marketing strategy of direct-to-consumers selling. As the new age consumer wants to know where their food comes from, so the new age farmer wants to know where their product goes. From every cut up chicken to every finished market hog. That is a piece of our farm the customer is purchasing and we are proud to put our name on it.

We try and do our best to serve all the members of the coop. So if you have any questions about a product, please email us. The only foolish or silly question is one that is never asked. We would love to hear from you.

We started organic farming back in 2004 to start a more sustainable farm and do the right thing for our livestock. The Majority of the farm is consisted of 100 acres of certified organic crops. With a 3 to 5 year rotation may include: Corn, Soybeans, Oats, Alfalfa hay, and Pasture. Most of all the grain, hay, and straw we produce we use to care for our livestock. All livestock are fed a healthy vegetarian diet free of hormones and antibiotics. The Farm consists of a small Dairy herd of handed down from my father. A Farrow to Finish hog operation with all the sows being farrowed in huts or pens year around. Hogs are Berkshire and Berkshire crosses with access to open air and/or pasture. A Ewe flock finishing our own market lambs on pasture. Free-Range Poultry, Meat birds: Chicken, Turkey, and Duck. As most of the grain fed and all of the pasture is certified organic we DO NOT certify our livestock. Even though they are fed a proper diet, more than enough outdoor space and meet all the requirements to be certified. We feel it is an unneeded cost to pass on to our customer, so we choose not to.