Windy Acres Farm
Contact: Mitchell and Carolee Shultz
Address: 14202 20th St. Lime Springs, IA, 52155
Email Address:
Phone: 563-566-2251
About Us
We feel privileged to own 10 acres in the country to use as we choose! We raise hogs and Scottish Highland cattle. We enjoy watching our animals interact with each other, roaming about and grazing. They are healthy and contented, having constant access to fresh water, fresh air, clean bedding and shelter from the elements. Our hogs are predominately Large Black. We are working toward raising only pure-bred Large Blacks but it takes time to get this going.
We only use antibiotics as necessary to prevent suffering of our animals. Our cattle are only grass-fed. Our hogs have high quality alfalfa hay available to them during the winter months. They graze during the summer months on our good quality pasture grass. We supplement with non-medicated grain. We don't use non-GMO feed at this time because we agree with Joel Salatin that the greens in their diet offset the effects of GMO. Our goal is to produce food that is good-tasting, healthy and reasonable priced!