Grandma's Soap
Contact: Sue Wilkinson
Address: 116 Lakeside Dr. N.E. Solon, IA, 52333
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Phone: 319-321-1344
About Us
Grandma's Soap is a six-generation tradition passed down from mother to daughter in our family over the past 150 years in Iowa. We have continued to use the old-fashioned pioneer soap process and recipe for personal use in bathing and laundry soap. Grandma's Soap is fragrance and additive free, naturally moisturizing and gentle on the skin. Other soap blends use only natural fragrances such as essential oils, herbs, flower petals, etc. All soaps are aged to ensure quality and safety for delicate skin. This soap is wonderful for sensitive skin or conditions such as acne or rosacea simply because there are no irritants found in many commercial products today. We use nothing else - even my granddaughters are bathed in it. Our laundry soap is compatible with HE machines and is also fragrance and additive free.

Locally-rendered lard and tallow are used in producing Grandma's Soap. All products are made in our home or for educational and heritage presentations. No artificial dyes, perfumes, colors, or additives are ever used. All soaps are aged longer than the recommended minimum, up to two years.