TD n' Guy Garden Oasis
Contact: Terrance Holub and Dan Pilguy
Address: 3235 330th St. Coggon, IA, 52218
Email Address:
Phone: 319-435-8588
About Us
TD n' Guy Garden Oasis LLC consists of Terrance Holub and Daniel Pilguy two 2012 graduates with B.As in Health and Human Physiology from The University of Iowa. Farming out of Coggon, Iowa, we share the same vision for a sustainable food system that is localized and supportive of the local economy. We provide our farm fresh products through farmers markets, wholesale, and CSA.

TD n' Guy is a sustainable farm that uses no harmful chemicals. We are working towards organic certification and hope to accomplish this goal by 2017. Our practices include composting, crop rotation, cover cropping and using Mother Nature to produce healthy, safe food for our customers.