WW Homestead Dairy
Address: 850 Rossville Road Waukon, IA, 52172
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Phone: 563-568-4950
About Us
WW Homestead Dairy is comprised of individuals with varied strenghs and talents with one passion: producing and distributing the ultimate dairy products to the customer.

The dairy is owned and operated by four individuals with a strong history in the dairy farming industry; Tom Walleser, Tom Weighner, Paul Weighner, and Bruce Snitker.

Tom Walleser, is a 3rd generation dairy farmer with over 32 years of experience. Tom, along with his family, owns and operates his dairy farm located 3 miles outside of Lansing, Iowa. Tom has a little over 100 head of dairy cattle and is very conscientious of dairy practices. Tom's days are spent managing his farm and promoting WW Homestead Dairy products.

WW Homestead Dairy's second partner is Tom Weighner. Tom is an experienced dairy farmer with over 30 years of successful farm management. He splits his time between farm manager and day-to-day operations at Homestead Dairy. Tom's wife, Angela, works full time at the creamery and is in charge of creating the newest ice cream flavors. Two of Tom's daughter's are also following in his footsteps; Stephanie is a successful Herd Manager at Weighner Brothers farms and Liz recently graduated from Iowa State University as a veterinarian.

Paul Weighner is the President of Impro Products, which is a privately held company that has been operating for over 50 years. He has been managing Impro for the last 20 years and his expertise lies with business transactions, accouting, and day-to-day business operations. Paul helps with marketing and promotion of WW Homestead Dairy.

The dairy's Head of Operation is Bruce Snitker. Bruce has 30 plus years in dairy processing and cheese management. He holds coveted licenses from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture as well as American Cheese Grading. Bruce is in charge of milk processing and cheese production.

WW Homestead Dairy is nestled in the town of Waukon, Iowa. This community is rich in history and surrounded by fertile farm land. Not only does the creamery offer its customers the freshest products with extraordinary flavors. Tours are available and the public is encouraged to watch how products are produced. A hallway with large viewing windows allows customers to see the hard work, effort, and quality that goes into making their milk, ice cream, cheese, and butter. Be sure to stop by WW Homestead Dairy the next time you're in the area and sample our hometown goodness, if you would like a tour be sure to call ahead. We're so convinced you'll love our dairy products that we'll bet the farm on it!

Locally Produced and Processed
rBST/Growth Hormone Free
All Natural
Freshness Guaranteed
Unbeatable Flavor
Never Over Processed
Never Mass Produced
Multi-Generation Farms
High Standards of Excellence and Quality Control