Sugar Bottom Farms
Address: 2385 Sugar Bottom Rd. Solon, IA, 52333
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Phone: 319-331-5780
About Us
Sugar Bottom Farms uses an unique elevated bed system called Garden Growers to make gardening easier.No more bending over to plant, maintain and harvest your garden.The Garden Growers come in many sizes to fit every garden setting. Some of our most popular designs are the 3' by 3', 4' by 4', 4' by 8' and 6' by 6'. If you prefer a different size, we will custom design and build the Garden Grower that best fits your needs.

No Garden Grower would be complete without Strong Soil, a rich blend of native Iowa soil and two other organic compost materials. This soil is balanced with the proper ingredients and characteristics to produce a bountiful garden year after year.

Sugar Bottom Farms has been using the Garden Grower System for nearly five years producing a variety of fruits and vegetables. We provide fresh produce to our family table and supply local vendors with quality locally grown produce.

Some of our more popular items are oriental cucumbers, raspberries, four varieties of tomatoes, green peppers, jalapeno peppers, ground cherries and lettuce. Our customers often comment on the freshness, quality, size and flavor of our produce.

We use all natural products in our growing of vegetables and fruits.