Ridgeview Farm
Address: 2403 Prairie School Road Ely, Ia, 52227
Email Address:
Phone: 319-848-4833
About Us
80 acre biodynamic farm. See explanation of biodynamic:

Fourth generation farm.

Farmers markets for 12 years.

Biodynamic and rotational grazing.

No growth stimulants, antibiotics, or toxic insect sprays.

No grains are fed to our beef .

Our herd of Angus is a closed herd against disease and its genetics has been maintained for the best production quality grazing animal.

Beef processed, vacuum packed, frozen under state inspection at Bud's Custom Meats.

Our honey is raw honey. It is not subjected to temperatures above 120 degrees F or so finely filtered that it is not honey anymore.

Our honey is bottled in glass .